Attorney Services

Litigation Support

From case inception through judgment or verdict, Whitestar Group provides a full range of litigation support that is unequaled by any other investigations firm.  Whitestar investigators will gather all available pertinent information that is crucial to a favorable outcome for you, our client.

Witness Interviews:

Whitestar Group Investigators specialize in locating and interviewing witnesses for most case types. Thorough statements are obtained in written, digital audio or video formats. Summary narratives or verbatim transcripts are created based on client preference.

Person Locates:

Through a combination of proprietary database research, experience and other resources available to us, Whitestar investigators have a proven track record of locating persons anywhere in the continental United States. For locating persons outside the United States, Whitestar Group has an established network of associates in various countries.

Scene Investigation:

Nothing can be more important than to understand the dynamics of an event where future litigation is likely. A professional scene evaluation complete with diagram and photo/video will often provide our clients with a better understanding of an event and serve as a useful exhibit in trial.

Asset Identification:

Whether investigating for judgment collection or determining a litigant’s capacity to pay, the experienced investigators at Whitestar Group can conduct thorough asset identification research revealing tangible assets or financial accounts.

“Krankemann Law Firm has been using Whitestar Group exclusively since 2010. Their level of professionalism is unrivaled in the industry and they consistently go above and beyond on any case they are assigned. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any law firm or company that expects only the highest level of service and expertise available.”

W. Christian Krankemann
Managing Partner
Krankemann Law Firm

Background Investigations

No statement has ever been more accurate than “Knowledge is Power”. Why leave anything to chance; whether examining an adversary or client, our investigators are skilled at gathering and compiling information to produce a full spectrum report on any subject.

Case Management:

Allow Whitestar Group experienced staff to provide assistance and litigation support. We can follow up on discovery requests; provide feedback on case development and alternative directions allowing our attorney clients to focus on strategy.

Discovery & Evidence:

Many of our investigators are former law enforcement detectives or special agents. All have a significant understanding of police interviewing techniques and tactics, law enforcement terminology and are skilled in gathering information. Their knowledge of police procedures can play a significant role in knowing where to look and identify evidence that may positively affect the outcome of your case.


With thousands of successful cases as evidence, Whitestar Group is a proven leader and trend setter in the field surveillance related investigations. Stable high definition video with same day turn-around times is what set us apart from our competitors. Incorporating all available and emerging technologies coupled with a comprehensive training program, Whitestar Group investigators produce results nearly 80% of the time. Why take a chance with an unproven provider when you have a specialist at your fingertips; Whitestar Group is the right choice for any surveillance related case.

“Our firm has worked extensively with Whitestar Group. We’ve always been pleased with the quality of work done by Mark and his employees and especially pleased with the prompt turnaround time on assignments. Mark has been creative as well as mindful of costs on our cases. I highly recommend Whitestar.”

Tad Shapiro
Shapiro, Galvin, Shapiro & Moran