Child Custody Services

Child Custody Investigation

Child custody outcomes in Santa Rosa or the Bay Area are often decided by the tireless work of a private investigator. Whitestar Group is a renowned private investigations firm that specializes in child custody investigation. Life often throws us unexpected curve balls and a child custody battle is frequently a messy situation. The courts that hear these cases are not allowed to base their rulings on hearsay where evidence or independent corroboration do not exist. Supporting evidence is admissible and can be powerful factors to sway the judge. It is often possible for a parent with anger or substance abuse issues to present themselves as an upstanding citizen and caring parent when facing a judge. Employing a private investigator to find the truth and present it to the court is the key ingredient to swaying the judgment in your favor.

Whitestar Group offers nationally acclaimed investigative services to support your child custody case. Our private investigator team is highly trained and professionally experienced in the nuances of child custody investigation. However dogged our team is in pursuing information that will lead your victory in a case; the best interest of the children always comes first. Our staff will provide you support throughout the entire process and find the answers that you are looking for. The Whitestar Group services range from surveillance, background checks, civil investigations, and more. Contact The Whitestar Group today to schedule your consultation.