Civil Investigations

Civil Investigations

Whitestar Group is primary choice for most attorneys who require investigative services in Santa Rosa and the surrounding Bay Area. Legal cases are built upon credible information that can stand the bright light of scrutiny through cross examination. As a legal professional you are continuously looking for answers and trying to solve mysteries that surround cases. A private investigator or a civil investigator is key to finding the answers required for a successful case disposition.

Whitestar Group specializes in arming attorneys with powerful, defensible information through civil investigations in the Santa Rosa area. This is effective for personal injury cases, product liability, civil suits, divorce proceedings involving child custody cases. Another highly sought after service that Bay Area attorneys require are person locates and asset searches. Our experienced civil investigator and private investigator team are experienced in finding people that don’t want to be found. If you have a judgment, the easiest way to collect is if you know where the assets are kept.

Aside from being the premier private investigations firm in the North Bay, Whitestar Group will provide you or your firm with an unmatched level of customer support. We are dedicated to providing you with confidence and peace of mind. Contact The Whitestar Group today to schedule a consultation for civil investigations in Santa Rosa and the Greater Bay Area.

The Whitestar Group focuses on providing its attorney clients all of our resources and skill when hired to investigate civil and personal injury cases. From the beginning of a potential case or lawsuit, to the verdict, Whitestar investigators will gather pertinent facts crucial to a favorable outcome in the courtroom. Our services include:

  • Identifying, locating, and interviewing witnesses: We locate witnesses; conduct interviews and take statements in written, digital audio or video formats.
  • Case Management: Attorneys often require a different perspective to see how a case is progressing. Our seasoned investigators can often offer advice from a different view point providing our attorney clients with alternatives. We are experienced in managing large cases for our attorney clients, which frees up the time for them to work on strategy.
  • Reviewing documents and reports: Many of the Whitestar employees are former law enforcement officers or detectives. We can examine police reports and know where to find information or translate law enforcement terminology. Knowing what to look for and where to look can play a significant role in the outcome of your case.
  • Focusing and limiting the scope of discovery: We can provide background information on witnesses and parties to a civil or criminal matter. We can provide information to refute or confirm information developed by discovery.
  • Scene Investigation: We prepare professional photos and diagrams of any scene. Our scene diagrams and photos can be prepared as exhibits for court or in power-point presentation form.
  • Juror Polls: We are well versed in the art of polling a jury in a gentle, but probing and professional manner.
  • Evidence Gathering and document retrieval: Just provide us with a list of what you’re looking for and we will locate it if it is there to be found.