Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Whitestar Group works with our insurance clients to investigate claims quickly and effectively. We are not only a leader but a trendsetter in the field of Subrosa and claim investigations. As a service provider to several national companies, Whitestar Group has the capability to handle cases anywhere in the country.

Worker’s Compensation:

AOE-COE Investigation:

Our investigators are second to none when conducting AOE-COE investigations for the claims examiners we represent. Using an internally developed program, our investigators are trained to
examine every factor that may influence an injured workers’ claim and detail it in an articulate and comprehensive report. Rest assured that ALL the information an adjuster will need to make a decision will be provided when our work is completed.


With thousands of successful cases as evidence, Whitestar Group is a proven leader and trend setter in the field surveillance related investigations. Stable high definition video with same day turn-around times is what set us apart from our competitors. Incorporating all available and emerging technologies coupled with a comprehensive training program, Whitestar Group investigators produce results nearly 80% of the time. Why take a chance with an unproven provider when you have a specialist at your fingertips; Whitestar Group is the right choice for any surveillance related case.


In an economy where every dollar counts, trust the Whitestar Group to complete a thorough Subrogation report that will likely result in a financial recovery on any claim where third party liability is suspected.

Serious and Willful:

During the course of any claim investigation where serious and willful misconduct is alleged, Whitestar Group will fully investigate the complaint and provide an unbiased evaluation so a proper course of action may be considered when preparing a claim for defense.

Liability Carriers:

Property and Casualty:

In claim investigations, nothing can be more important than to understand the dynamics of an event. Through witness interviews, a professional scene evaluation and the examination of evidence already obtained by the police or collected by our field investigators, Whitestar Group can provide our insurance clients with the ammunition necessary to defend or mitigate a potential loss.


Trust our investigators to examine all aspects of liability in response to coverage for product liability, auto liability and professional liability insurance; to verify the validity of claims and to determine possible mitigating factors that will reduce or minimize cost exposure.

“Whitestar Group is a company of distinction. They provide quality investigations at reasonable rates. We rely on this company to assist us with quick, reliable and accurate information. If an issue comes up, their management team will personally follow-up assuring 100% satisfaction”.

Dave Leibert
Claims Investigator
State Fund