We use state of the art digital video cameras to visually document the activities of the investigated person. If the situation calls for it, we can employ the use of concealment cameras or mini body cameras. While we are tactfully aggressive in obtaining whatever evidence there is to collect, we adhere to the laws in order to preserve the evidence should it be challenged.

Entities seeking professional surveillance will frequently choose Whitestar Group for our ability to manage complex investigations. Our surveillance investigations unit provides quality video surveillance not only in Santa Rosa and the surrounding area but throughout Northern California. As a surveillance investigator, capturing evidence, context, and impugnable corroboration is “mission critical” when in the field.

The investigative staff at Whitestar Group specializes in:

  • Insurance-related Surveillance Services
  • Attorney-related Surveillance Services
  • Business-related Surveillance Services

Many of the country’s leading attorneys, employers and insurance companies rely on us to conduct surveillance. When looking to obtain the services of a private investigator, evaluate the experience and training of the company you are hiring. Just because they are a private investigator doesn’t mean they have conducted surveillance. At the Whitestar Group, you will be paired with an investigator that has extensive knowledge and experience inthe specific discipline you are hiring us for.

The Whitestar Group investigators are highly experienced in all types of surveillance including surveillance conducted for

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