Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

Whitestar Group When contemplating the use of an outside firm to handle your complex workplace investigation, you will want a company with the resources, expertise and proven track record to ensure the case is handled properly. The investigators who conduct these complex investigations, receive the highest quality year-around training (AWI & SHRM) to ensure they remain at the forefront in their field.

Specialties include:

  • School Investigations
  • EEO Investigations
  • Internal Theft and Fraud

“As a district charged with protecting the rights of our students and staff, it is essential that our processes are above reproach. When we need a complaint or issue investigated, we call Whitestar. They are neutral, independent and thorough, from their interview process to the final submitted report. We especially appreciate that their staff is retired or ex-law enforcement, so they understand the legal and ethical context for our requests.”

Stacy Spector
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Santa Rosa City Schools